2016 -University of Nottingham

On Thursday March 31st at 10am we will open registration for the 12th Positive Choices!

Below are some details about the day!



Coates Road Auditorium University of Nottingham

Booking Accommodation:

University Park (University of Nottingham), Limited onsite accommodation with Car parking still available by following these instructions:

1)            Go to our website http://www.nottinghamconferences.co.uk/online-bb-bookings/

2)            Under the ‘Make A Booking’ Section – choose arrival date as 31st March 2016 (use the calendar on the right hand side and click on correct date).

3)            Enter number of people in the correct age box.

4)            Enter the following in the Promotion Code box and click on apply: 14865PositiveCho

5)            Click on ‘Next’

6)            This will take you through to a summary page, select number of rooms required and click on ‘Next’

7)            It will then take you through to ‘My Basket’ with total costs, check details, press Next and proceed to payment pages.


The exhibitions will be held in ESLC Foyer student guides will show you the way look for the guys in the superhero acorn t shirts.

Whirlwind Cafes

Whirlwind Cafes will be held between 11.30 -2.00

The amazing Joanna Grace will also be hold sensory story masterclasses all morning.

Strictly No Labels!

2.00pm our Strictly no labels dance competition opens with you as the audience with the power of the 10!

Party in the Evening

We will the Party in Mooch from 7.30 (entry by wrist band which will be available to buy for £1.00 at registration.

Friday starts at 9.15 please be aware there will be a film crew present for a HE England Leadership film