6Cs Live!



We in LD are very good at networking: Our Facebook pages and twitter feed are testaments to that but maybe (no definitely) we need to show the wider family of nursing how much we can and do share!  I have recently started some work with Paula Smith from NHS England: she is the Project Manager for Improving Lives & Learning Disability Safety, Team Nursing Directorate NHS England. Email: Paula.Smith27@nhs.net

We both realised that there needs to be more joined-up communication between the learning disability nurse community so can I please encourage you to join the LD community on the 6 C’s it’s a mine of information!

6Cs Live! offers support and encouragement to nurses, midwives and care staff committed to improve the quality of their service and the experience of their patients and celebrates their success.

6Cs Live! supports the delivery of the six areas of action defined by the Compassion in Practice strategy and vision based on the 6Cs – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment  – which was launched by the Chief Nursing Officer of England in December 2012 – See more at: