Case Study – Stacey (3rd Year LD Nurse Student)

Stacey Bagley (nearly 3rd year student learning disability nurse)

University of Chester

Cohort: September 2012

LD nursing needs you and me because…

In 2012, it was estimated that there were 1. 14 million people living in England who have learning disabilities. In addition, people with learning disabilities have a shorter life expectancy than the general population due to the health inequalities they face (Emerson, Hatton, Robertson, Baines, Christie & Glover, 2012).  Learning disability nursing needs YOU and ME, so we can assist in preventing avoidable deaths from happening, such as some of the deaths of the individuals wrote about in the Death by Indifference, Treat me right! report by Mencap (2007).

We will empower individuals with learning disabilities to speak out and to have a voice and to be heard! We will be their advocate, their communicator, their facilitator, their access to mainstream services, the problem solver, the researcher; we will educate and much more. We will aim for only the BEST care for individuals with learning disabilities. We have the 6C’s (care, compassion, communication, competence, commitment and courage) values and behaviours embedded in us, these will be our drive to find solutions, ensuring people with learning disabilities can live and lead healthy, happy fulfilled and equal life (Department of Health, 2012).

You and me are needed to help Stamp out Stigma! People with learning disabilities face stigma similar to those who have mental illness. It is part of our role to change these perceptions, to address the negative attitudes and treatment others can have towards them and to make a real difference (5 Boroughs Partnership NHS, n.d.). Together we can make a difference; we can make a positive impact on society. This is why learning disability nursing needs YOU AND ME, because TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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