Case Study – Yasmin (2nd Year LD Nurse Student)

Yasmin Farquhar (who is a second year at the University of Cumbria)

Learning disability nursing needs you and I because…

Together we can make a difference.

We represent a group of dynamic, passionate and excited individuals who are committed in representing those in society whose voice may not be as loud as ours, or who are not able their views in appropriate ways, or the ways in which they need to.

The role of a learning disability nurse is constantly evolving and we must be able to adapt to the needs of society and those whom we are supporting.

Learning disability nursing needs us because we are the future. We have been privileged enough to grow up in a society which blends traditions and cultures and I feel passionately that we must reflect this diversity into our nursing life.

The future of our role is always being questioned and we need nurses who are fundamentally committed to being the best representation of a learning disability nurse possible.

We have had some trying times as a profession of recent times and the statistics around Winterbourne and mid-staffs further more indicate that the NHS needs people who are committed to the field of learning disability, and really understand the needs and requirements of the individuals we support.

The media focus upon nursing can be detrimental at times and we need to remember what an amazing and inspiring job we all do.

The media do not see the times in which we stay an hour after our shift has finished to comfort someone or to make sure they have eaten their tea, nor do they see the times we spend outside of work and study researching things for placement and university that we can use in our practice placements and work settings.

Learning disability nursing needs me, because I am a young women with a bright future and passionate enough to believe I can make a positive difference to someone’s life.

However, my voice is not loud enough on my own…

Learning disability nursing needs you because together we can make an unstoppable force, our skills combined will mean that we are capable giving someone the best life possible and as one we will make sure our profession is unbreakable.