About Us

Positive Choices is a thriving network and social forum conference that for the last nine years has brought together student nurses, academics, movers and shakers in the learning disability world, people who have a learning disability and those who love them to a 500 place, free to access, two day conference.

How did it start?

In 2004 a group of students went to a national event: they were told…

  • —Why did you bother with learning disability?
  • —Is it too late for you to change branch?
  • —You should have done mental health?
  • —There’s no future in it
  • —No one’s really interested in learning disability nursing

What did they do?

Organised one conference, a chance for all Learning Disability Nursing Students to get together and be part of the majority, not the minority, and to celebrate what they do.

And the rest is history!

  • 2005 –  500 delegates University of Nottingham
  • 2006 –  and another 500 came again!
  • 2007 –  500 of them travelled to Belfast
  • 2008 –  500 in Edgehill – don’t ask about the accommodation!
  • 2009 –  500 travelled to Cork
  • 2010 –  500 roasted in Leeds
  • 2011 –  500 followed us to Hertford
  • 2012 –  500 came to Edinburgh
  • 2013 –  they are already registering for Cumbria!

How does it work?

—Since 2007 Universities from across the 5 Nations volunteer to host the conference!

—The core group support the host organisation to plan the event, and we fund raise the total cost of the conference to ensure it’s free to all students.

—We are supported by movers and shakers in the learning disability world, employers, and most importantly by people with a learning disability