World Down’s Syndrome Day – Thoughts by Helen Laverty

‘Sometimes we spend too long looking for differences that we miss the sameness’

As we move so quickly towards World Down’s Syndrome day, Positive Choices 15, and the Nursing Times student awards there are quite a few things running through my head – not least of which is will there be enough food for you all on the day!

I have been lucky enough over my career to make some amazing friends and quite a few of those have Down’s Syndrome; there are a fair few people I would only call acquaintances too! But those individuals I share a connection with share lots of characteristics with each other: usually around the things that make them laugh, the music they like to listen too, the things they like to do, and often the wine they like to drink! No different from any of my friends who don’t have Down’s Syndrome – the problem is we often spend too long looking for the differences!

The same can be said for nursing, and that has been brought home quite sharply this month with the Shape of Caring review and this cracking film made by first year LD student nurses from Northumbria looking at the whole sameness debate!

Whatever you do in your community for WDSD have fun, celebrate that we all are the same, we form parts of life’s rich tapestry and all want in some way to be a super hero!

 LD Nurse Lego Movie.mp4

Staying with the very talented Northumbria students just look at this!


and then this!